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Field Dominance vs Starting Salaries

Produced a poster of starting salaries for university graduates based on field dominance.

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South Eastern Freeway Traffic Flow

Produced a dynamic visualisation of traffic flow along the South Eastern Freeway.

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Dashboard Block for Moodle

Produced a dashboard for easy access to content for both students and teachers to use within Moodle.

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Road Closure Marking Robot

Built and programmed a robot and software controller to allow an operator to safely navigate a disaster zone.

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Benchmarking Map Reduce on Twitter Feeds

Analysed the effectiveness of Map Reduce for analysing Twitter feeds by producing benchmarks.

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Microsoft Office Document Analysis

Produced a tool able to analyse the structure of various Microsoft Office documents.

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Map Sharing in GME for Android

Worked on a solution for implementing the sharing of maps in Google Maps Engine for Android.

The Coworking Sociatea

For Unleashed Adelaide 2014, produced a web application which links independent workers together and to a work environment.

Lend A Skilled Hand

For Startup Weekend Adelaide 2014, produced a web application which provides skilled volunteers to agencies who need them.